Tannen Brown is a company that draws cool things to go on lovely stuff for the Super Cool to buy.

Who Is Tannen Brown?

Lovely Stuff

Tannen Brown is a young company and we draw cool things to go on lovely stuff.

We support British businesses by making sure that all of our suppliers and manufacturers are based here in the UK.

We also prefer anything printed to be done by hand whenever it's appropriate to the design.

Every stage of the process is thought about and researched to make sure that there are no compromises with the quality of any of the stuff on sale here.


Not many people know it, but the guy behind Tannen Brown does have a pinch of style! This is reflected in the kind of work he produces.

Being heavily influenced by comic book art, 70's Sci-Fi and films he found important in his youth, Tannen Brown can't help but use solid, bold colours with a hint of silliness. The name Tannen Brown is, itself, a nod to the best film ever.

I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!
— Peter Loew